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Hi! I'm Kimberley, and I'm a ZIN Instructor based on Chicago's south side. I teach Zumba Fitness and the Curves Circuit with Zumba workout in the city's Auburn Gresham community. If you are seeking a fun, non-intimidating (but challenging!) workout that combines the very best of Zumba cardio with R&B movies and strength-training, Come try one of my sessions! You'll be among a roomful of curvey women who are discovering their inner hip-shake girls thanks to Zumba Fitness. My workouts have includes women of all ages and sizes: from age 9 to age 75, and from the slim & trim to the well endowed.  Your "number" doesn't matter as long as you move

Whether you call yourself a member of the "rhythm nation" or "rhythmically challenged," you will learn that Zumba is for EVERY BODY, the best beats are from your own heart, and the calorie burn is terrific. Come on and give it a try! My sessions are held on weekday mornings and evenings in Auburn Gresham, and on Saturday mornings at the Chatham 14 Theaters on 87th Street. Come on and get shakin' with me! For more Zumba Fitness inspiration, and daily motivational tips on making small shifts in your life to become healthier, please "Like" my Facebook page: Thank you.

Just $5 a workout! So very affordable!


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